The Creatives Manifesto

The way I see it, I as an artist stand for a number things. I write music, poetry, short stories, scripts and advertisements.  I am an actor, a presenter and a public speaker.  I am an all round entertainer, and a creative thinker by nature. Above and beyond all of these I am a rapper. I live, love and embrace Hip Hop on a daily basis. I stand for the evolution of my music genre. I feel that is what every artist should strive for. Whether you’re a dancer, singer, painter or whatever, you should work to take your art to new heights. I work to write the best music I can because I consider myself a lyricist. I put so much work into everything I write consistently. I am my own worst critic therefore no one can find much fault in what I say and how I say it. I think the secret is making a genius idea look easy. I strive to push the boundaries of what people think Hip Hop music can do. People forget that there is no other form of music on the planet that requires as much writing as Hip Hop does. Excluding the chorus the average R&B song has 16 to 24 lines. The average Hip Hop song has 38 to 54 lines. 54 lines for just one song,  that is how much work it takes to be a rapper. That is what I was bread to do, what I was raised to do, what I was born to do. Words are my gift. I don’t know why or how, they just are.  My brain is connected in a way that takes letters through my synapses, throws them into my frontal lobe, and serves me up a perfect cocktail of words. That is what allows me to believe I can help evolve the music I love so much.

Dance, Dance Revolution

When did dance music become standard for every single type of artist? And appropriate for any time of the day? And every day of the week? Beats me. I turned the radio on last Sunday and there it was, a full blown dance song on. I saw the Black Eyed Peas video for ‘Where is The Love‘ and I had no clue who these people were. Just turn on the radio or the television and look at the dance music ratio to everything else now. Most people would like to blame Lady Gaga, I don’t agree. I think it started some time before that, with the rise of DJ’s and individual dance songs that kept breaking music records. T-Pain had a major dance feel going,‘s album Songs About Girls did too, then Timbaland had Shock Value. So it has always been there. But even then you could only really hear them on weekends more especially. Then somehow dance music merged with pop music, then R&B, then Hip Hop, then everything else. Man did that suck dry balls to watch. Then Lady Gaga released  The Fame, an unexpected monster of an album that comprises of nothing but dance songs. Then David Guerta had a stroke of genius, ‘I should work with nothing but black artists‘. That gamble worked out so well for him it created a new wave of black musicians doing dance music from Kelly Rowland to Usher. Everyone sold out, everyone jumped on the band wagon. I hate auto tuning with an absolute passion, but wow do I hate hearing a heavy baseline and a screaming hook, on a Tuesday afternoon. This is one music trend I can’t wait to be rid of, although I am sure it is going to be around for a while. There are people who used to feel the same way about hip hop in the early nineties, yet hip hop is still here. It used to bother me so much until someone said something to me that made me calm down. Trends will always change whether you like them or not. You might as well accept them and learn where they stem from, so I decided to do that. I asked some girl why she loves house music so much and she said.’Well it makes me want to dance, and dancing makes me happy.’ That is when it all started to make sense. The world we live in now is so stressful, we are dealing with diseases, corrupt governments, a full blown recession and unfulfilled expectations. Who wants to hear music that reminds them of all that? Dance music just wants you to move your body, and be happy. Where else is that a requirement in today’s world? I might not be a dance music fan because I still think lyrics are important, plus to me all dance songs sound the same, but I think the feeling music gives you is also important. As for all the artists trying milk this cash cow before it dries up, I hope your careers sink. To all you dance music enthusiasts,

Dance like no one's watching

Indipendence Day

Don’t we all just love progress. We live in a world that has come forward in tremendous leaps and bounds.  One of those astounding leaps is gender equality. The quest women have fought for so vigorously, and now it’s here in full force. Accept for sailing and mining, which are still all male professions, women have taken their rightful place in every industry. What women didn’t take into account though is the monumental backlash of such actions. Shall I continue? Don’t mind if I do. As nature would have it, men are naturally inclined to be predators, dominant, leaders, providers. Meaning we want a woman we can take care of so we feel like men. Now when a woman doesn’t give us that feeling, that’s where the shit hits the fan. See ladies you can’t have it both ways. Independence comes at a huge price. Women from 50 years ago could only dream about the opportunities women take for granted today. You can’t be a dedicated working woman and a perfect mom, something’s gotta give. Men have dealt with the demands of the corporate environment because they know their kids will be raised well. Now your going to make more money than me and not be home? No thank you. Women are also genetically inclined to want a man that can take care of them. You can try to date a broke nigga if your working ,but trust me you will leave his ass for a better offer ladies. What I am saying is that be careful what you wish for ladies, you just might get it and realise you don’t want it.

Social Languages

Is language evolving or devolving? (Is there such a word as devolve? I hope so.) Any way is social networking good for language is my question. Lmao, Wuu2, WTF… blah blah. These have become acceptable forms of writing. Words have become the casualties of social networks and instant chat applications. But in all honesty the abbreviations and acronyms are the least of my concern. My irritation is total disregard for spelling, punctuation and grammar. These kids are already retarded enough as it is. I understand that languages, in this case English, change and grow with every generation. Shakespeare would be appalled to see what English looks like now. My fear is that in 30 years my kids are going to show me a school assignment that says thing like, ‘Nelson Mandela ws President of SA, His twitter account has 2 million followers!! LMFAO at his profile pic.’. I would punch him/her in the chest. The problem is that kids don’t read books. They read status updates, tweets and blogs. We need to teach kids language basics before we allow them to piss all over it.

The new teachers