It has been a labour of love and I am proud to give to you, lyrical collage LYROMANIAC (See Lyromania post for definition)

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  1. Day Dreamer   or
  2. Light up    or
  3. Guilty Conscience
  4. Desperado   or
  5. Silencer Freestyle
  6. F@&k These Rappers
  7. Back to Basics  or
  8. Defining Moment  or
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G-C Day Dreamer

I had a long conversation with a man who wasn’t facing me. Well to be honest he didn’t have a face. /We talked about all the great things that didn’t happen to me because I wasn’t there for them to take place.

Then we took a walk in the ocean, and we even saved a fish from drowning. /Maybe it was the look on his face, or the lack thereof but I swear there was something about him.

He played every song never recorded, every movie never scripted, every picture never taken, and every book never written. /All the clothes never worn, all the cars never driven.  Then gave me the cure to incurable disease that killed all the people that never existed.

Then we took a drive down memory lane so he could show me all the lost memories I couldn’t forget. /He parked on the avenue of choices, where I saw all the wrong decisions that I wouldn’t regret.

Then we sat in a room with no furniture, and ate the most delicious meal I have never tasted. /I looked out of the window as time passed by, yet I looked at my watch and none of it was wasted

I cut myself and I didn’t bleed, and I couldn’t hear myself when I screamed. /I asked the man why I couldn’t feel any pain. He said he felt all the things I couldn’t feel.

I asked the man why he didn’t let me leave this dream, he only laughed at my accusation. /Then he gave me a blank look and told me I am a captivated captive of my own imagination

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G-C Featuring Jay-Cubed Light Up 2.0 Lyrics

This must be what Ali felt like that morning in Kinshasa, Zaire, before he fought George Foreman to get his heavy weight title back.

Verse 1 (G-C)

I get bolder with each fear, Taller with each stair/ Older with each year and stranger with each tear/ The deepest of ill minds/ Iller with each try/ Sicker with each rhyme and never repeat lines/ Look, this rabbit hole is really more than a dream to me/ This other land, or wonderland feels like its real to me/ And no matter how much it hurts, or its even mean to me/ Hip hop is the only place I need to be/ How much longer can I do this?/ How much longer can I dream?/ How much longer can I scream?/ How much further can I bleed?/ How much longer can I take? Until there is no more to receive/ My mother needs to retire, my dad is tired of me/ This habit became my talent, this talent became my passion, this passion has held me captive; prisoner of my thoughts/ These lyrics have kept me scribbling, this scribbling has kept me sitting, this sitting has kept me thinking; thinking that I should stop/ I keep having these expectations that maybe my time is coming/ or maybe I’ll never make it, I’m wasting my life with rhyming/ Mafikeng has never left me. I promised I’d never leave them/ They told me they’d always catch me, I really wanna believe them/ but I’m back, and even though I been so quiet/ I only feature with niggas that we co-sign/ You hear the rumbling seas. You hear the rustling trees/ Guess there’s no trouble to see, what is coming is me/ ‘G-C, where’s that album we been dying to hear?’/ I been working to make it perfect but it’s finally here/ It’s been the final countdown, tick tock, now it’s time up/ After I drop Celebrity watch this bitch light up

CHORUS (Drake)

Verse 2 [JayCubed]

I’m still up while everybody is passed out/ Money on these bars, I think it’s time I cashed out/

See, I milk my day for what it’s worth so I’m cash cow/ flow’s intoxicating, that’s why they blacked out/

The passion burning from inside is never turned out/ and I spit so hot, the haters swear that I’mma burn out/

You see, they can’t say they’re surprised at how I turned out/ because the ego and the cockyness is already earned now.

Amazing though, after all of the blazing flows/ that I scorched and I sprayed at you, they still pretend like they don’t know/

(But I) I made it known/ that I’ve climbed and I made it so/ I want all of the grace and glory/ they’ve given to everybody/

(and Uhm) I’m not trying to be anybody/ Schizophrenic behaviour and flow, you niggas barely know me/

I keep ‘em working, your doctors do-little like Eddy Murphy/ (open wide) You put this in your mouth, so my time- you can make it worth it/

To all the lyricists, I need you all to RISE UP/

Tilt up your head, you gon’ see a nigga HIGH UP/

Before I step on stage, you need to turn my MIC UP/

Coz when I do, you gon’ see all the faces LIGHT UP!!!


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G-C Desperado Lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen. We will now be beginning our proceedings for the evening. So if you could please find your seat, and enjoy the show. We bring to you, the Desperado.

Verse 1

There is always a cold wind whenever he rides into town/ Riding his trusty colt, while his colt is strapped to his side/ Dressed in all black, while his hat is down to his eyes/ As soon as he walks in the bar, everyone knows he is not from around/ He keeps an air of mystery. It’s part of the system/He quietly sits at the bar, while he waits for a victim/ And that’s when they appear. He knows they can never resist/ ‘I’ve never seen you here, would you like to get me a drink?’/ He gets her intrigued. He has her in sight/ She says that she likes, the quiet and devilish types/ He gets her exci-ted. He’s ready to strike/ He’ll have her heart in the palm of his hand by the end of the night/ So love him when the sun goes down/ Forget him when the Sun comes out/ ‘cause when the light shines he’ll be out. Cuz he’s a desperado.

Chorus (Amy Winehouse)

We only said goodbye with words. I died a hundred times/ you go back to her, and I go back to….

And now, Act  2

Verse 2

When he takes their heart he’s sure that he’s not giving it back/ He’s taking it with him, sun in his eyes, wind at his back/He’s leaving the soul, dumping the body and gone with the rest/ Each town is too small he needs to kill more, he’s on to the next/ But now his legend is wide, but women are wild, they never will listen/Until a stranger arrives inside of their town, and one of them is missing/ But he will remain. Nothing will change/ He mastered the game. Blood in his veins/ Town after town, night after night, and day after day.


And now, our conclusion

Verse 3

Until one day he strode into this quiet little town/ He walked into the bar, sat down alone and ordered him a round/ Then this pretty little missy, walked to him and pulled up a stool/ She said, ‘I’m feeling very dangerous, and I like that gun, would you care for a duel?’/ So they went outside, took 10 paces and turned, and pulled the trigger/ And to his amazement he turned to find out she’s only a fraction quicker/ As he fell to the floor, gasping for air, it left him fast/ The real desperado bagged up his heart and left him bare/ He met his match/ She didn’t even look back.


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G-C Fuck These Rappers Lyrics

Verse 1

Ok Fuck these rappers, fuck them all/I hope they start a fight. I hope they all respond/ Are you high on coke? Are you all retarded?/  Who likes your music? Who bought that garbage?/ Maybe I’m too harsh. I should start again/ Ok fuck these rappers. Oh well fuck it then/ I guess I won’t be making any friends then / I guess there’s no use trying to pretend hey


Fuck these rappers, fuck them all/ They can eat a dick, they can suck my balls/ I don’t give a shit, you can shut me off/ They make me sick, they drive me up the wall

Verse 2

Let me get up in their minds/ Let me get up in their lives. Let me show them why I’m so goddam hot/ Let me kill ‘em  with a rhyme, let get ‘em with a line, let me show them why I cannot be stopped/ I don’t’ even need to try, I don’t even need to rhyme. I guess that I must just be hot/ Even if I did apply, just a little of my mind. They’d need a monster truck to block me, properly/ Oh my god he’s awful, he just ought to be, often seen as hostile/ He could probably, rob a priest, cop a plea and walk out free/ ‘cause honestly, what we need, pro-omptly, is a motherfucking miracle to stop this kid/ From killing everybody in the room/ Have everybody running like so what we gonna do? ‘So what we gonna do?’/I don’t have a clue/ All I know is I don’t wanna start up with this fool/ So just keep grinning, just keep winning/ Just keep swimming, just keep swimming/Just keep thinking that your ill and/ You’l get kicked right on your chin.


Verse 3

So fuck your friends, and fuck you -/ Fuck your fans, nigga fuck them all/ This is not a joke, this is just a warning/So hang it up, your fucking boring/ I don’t give a dam if you like my shit/ I don’t really care if bite my shit/ ‘cause I switch flows when I write my shit/ Yeah it sounds like me, but it’s not my shit/ Tell your favorite MC to watch his back/Tell him not to hate he should rock this track/ Just when you thought he was off his crack/ Low and behold, ‘Oh my gosh he’s back’/ You see these sights, and sounds I ingest/ Are from the mic, and the crown on my chest/ I’m so suspenseful, because I’m disrespectful/ It’s always been essential, to making me successful/ So one more time, everybody now!!


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