James Blunt has a song that says, ‘If time is all I have, i’l spend it all on you’. Yeah, you can count me out there Mr Blunt. My time can not be dedicated to just one thing. Dam I missed my blog. Time unfortunately is a hard thing to manage even for the best of us. I started a new job and lost track of my little thought bubble here. I have come to realize what they mean by time management. Its so fucking hard to find 20 mins to sit down and type all the nonsense that comes into my head. Anyway I am back and I intend on posting up as much shit as I can think of. All I want to focus on now is just expressing that you should use your time and wisely. Don’t let anyone waste your time and always keep in mind that time lost is never regained. Life comes around but only once so spend your time the best way you can. Now go out there and fornicate! I shall return