Fight The Music Lyrics

Verse 1

Ladies and gentlemen, what your listening to is a rude boy/ I and I should not be taken as a fool boy/ Clearly impenetrable like shatter proof glass/ and I move so fast you can never move past/ Immortal like Evanescence, my presence is effervescent/ and from the evidence its evident that I am never pleasant/Don’t worry ’bout my impression, worry ’bout my intentions/ cuz *BOOM* is the greatest way to get everyone’s attention/ I’m a master of deception, and better at this rap thing/ and I’m such a bastard I was an immaculate conception/ Somebody needs to tell these rappers that they nothing/ Cuz I’m like a tennis match, with me love means nothing/ My words are weapons so I just need you to listen/ Jokes aside my punchlines will leave you in stitches/ wanted to make a classic and goddamit I did one/ the only competition for my next single is this one.


I don’t wanna fight the music/ I just want the right to use it/ I just wanna write a new hit/ That makes the people want to lose it

And every time I think of you/ I know just what I need to do/ So if you want the gospel truth/ then I guess its all up to you

Verse 2

I never was a rapper I just used to talk a whole lot of shit/Then a whole lot of shit, turned into a whole lot of this/ So I hope all of this, turns into a whole lot of hits/ So before I fall in to a hole, I’ma hold on to this/ If you want me to perform I better hear some applause/ cuz nothing is free bitch, even Santa’s got a clause/ and I don’t care what you say boy/ cuz even if I was wearing a bunny suit I still wouldn’t play boy/ So roll a thick blunt, while I light that shit/ and I write that hit, and recite that shit/ Don’t stand a chance like a paraplegic sprinter/ and the only thing creative in your bedroom are your speakers/ This rap shit is crazy it needs to be medicated/ That’s why I’m holdin it down like its a mental patient/ And it doesn’t mean I’m gay if I say a man is good lookin/ and with that said, dammit I’m good lookin


Verse 3

Wooow, did you feel that? The planet just shifted/ You should see the look on your face when you’re standing there listening/ Pretending you’re a beast, you’re an animal activist/ and fuck a punchline I use actual active fists/ Never stick your neck out when I’m rappin on a track/ I just got reprimanded for trying to strangle a giraffe/ So go ahead and tell your   fucking friends I din’t slay the beat/ I get paid to rap, I’m pretty sure you don’t get paid to tweet/ “jeezuz G-C calm down its just rap”/ nah, nah man, I’m pissed off so fuck that/ They wanna play games well I came for just that/ The whole fuckin game, whats my name? I’m back!