Dear Dreamers

Dear dreamers of the world, lend me your ears. I require only a moment of your time. I come to you a fellow dreamer, a mere merchant of words and imagination. The time has come fellow dreamers, to wake up. For too long we have remained in a long slumber while our adversaries ran the streets helter skelter destroying all that we hold so dear. We have been lead to believe that all is well outside our windows. I am here to tell you that is not true. the veil over our eyes needs to be removed. LOVE is dying a slow and painful death. The TRUTH is being held captive. FREEDOM is only a myth that is fed to us through the media. Wake up and discover the truth. I have lived a life of longing for more, searching for purpose and an ultimate enlightenment. I have only come to find that Money is the only religion that remains and grows strong everyday. So I have decided to wake up, grab a brush, and paint the streets RED. Dear dreamers, lovers, builders, fighters, and teachers…… WAKE UP!!!…………stay tuned.