Dear Dreamers (continued)

I am curious…. are dreams free? Good question right? The automatic response is, ‘yes they are’. That’s only if you are asleep though. In reality, dreams cost a lot more than you can imagine when you want to make them come true. Forget money, I am talking about real cost. Dreams cost time, lots of it. They can cost you relationships, freedom, and even your mind. I think that’s what makes it all the more exciting though. The bigger the gamble, the bigger the reward. I think that’s also why most people are afraid of chasing their dreams. What happens when they cost you everything? Most people shudder at that thought, but not all people, because some people are mavericks. Some people are blessed with a strong stomach for risk. Some motherfuckers are just flat out crazy. They put it all on the table and they roll the dice on life. Those people are the ones history remembers. You know the saying, ‘Fortune favors the bold’, well history is also written by them. Although not everyone can reach the top of the mountain, is it not worth a valiant shot? Not all people know what they want from life, but the fortunate few who have true passion must not ignore it. They have a duty to themselves to use the gift they have. That is how true happiness is achieved. And is happiness not worth risking everything?