Reanimated Intro – Explained with lyrics

*This song is the intro to my mixtape Reanimated. I originally didn’t rap on this beat and instead chose to speak. Then a friend asked me why I didn’t rap on it and I decided to give it a try. Turns out the words were right there just waiting to be put on paper. The message of the intro was just to explain why the mixtape is called Reanimated. I been through a lot of dark times in my career and this is the first project I have ever done on my own with full creative control. It was also the first time I recorded in such an optimistic state in years. Battling stress and depression made me put out a lot of ‘angry’ songs and I hated that people saw me and my music that way. So I set out to create something more colorful and light hearted. The song really speaks for itself and really sets a tone for the mixtape.

Verse 1

I’m reanimated, free from hate emancipated_ I was pixilating from asphyxiation now I’m sick of hating cause I am vaccinated.

It was just so fascinating I was just engulfed in aggravation_ It was agitation and exacerbation couldn’t stand the waiting now acclimating_ I was lost inside of me, couldn’t force that force that inspired me (yeah)_ I was just so tired of being, so sure, so sure I’m trying to be… Better than I was the day before_ Never really was this way before_ I had way more fun, smoked way more blunts, was way more young now that is gone_ It’s like this is my revival, fighting for my survival, they waiting for my arrival, I’m waiting for all my rivals_ So please don’t lose me now_ And pay no mind if you lose your mind_ You an share in mine, i don’t care or mind you’ll have half a mind and you can use it now_ It’s like I’m reanimated, switched right on reactivated_ And I’m so motivated, my brother told me I have to make it_ And I’m gonna leave them speeches, that gonna leave them speechless_ I’m gonna take the bar and raise it so far they wont even reach it!

So raise your glasses high, cause we only have the night_ Because half the time, we don’t really have the time_ So we have to fight, just to stay alive_ and if you have to die, I’ll see you in the after life.

Cause even if the odds against us, we can still fight for the kingdom_ Even if you lose or win some, we still choose to go in though_ Cause when the times get colder, and you survive through the winter_ That’s the mind of a soldier, and the heart of a winner_ When they fear you, they never gonna let you go_ Cause they near you, they never wanna let you know_ They won’t share you, they never wanna let you grow_ So they scare you, they never gonna let you blow_ So please pardon me, I was once where you are far from free_ So if you wanna see, the light from darkness please prosper come follow me cause I’m….


Calling your name in the midnight hour. Reaching for you from the endless dream. So many miles between us now. But you are always here with me.

Lovelorn (Lyrics, video and Audio)

Last night I watched you sleeping, and I was overcome by this feeling/ It was so powerful and intriguing/ I felt my heart beating, thoughts peaking, fear creeping, fast breathing/ all reason, lost fleeting/ See at that moment I swear time stood still/ My mind became clearer than it’s ever been before/ Its like someone found the key to my minds hidden door/ It suddenly all made sense / Like the theory of relativity/ Or the discovery of fire/ It was my greatest moment/ I knew at that moment that compared to any other woman I have ever had in my life before/ I have never, ever, ever been in love like this for sure/ I don’t even know if love this deep is healthy, but it feels so good/ I am lying here realizing that there is nothing I can’t stand about you/I get scared that you are not real sometimes, but you are/ you exist, and I am so happy you share your existence on this earth with me/ Touching you is like hearing Gods voice/ Kissing you is like the sweetest melody ever played/ You are ten times better than anything I could have dreamed of/ You are perfect for me. Perfect for me. PERFECT FOR ME/When you look at me it’s like my entire soul is visible to you/ You make me weak and strong/ Invincible and fragile/ Wise and stupid/ I feel like licking you because I expect to taste caramel/ I could spend an entire day just telling you all the things I love about you/ I even breathe better when I am around you/ I am myself when I am around you/ But a better version of myself/ I love you with every single second that passes/ I love your mind, heart, smile, body, and spirit individually/You inspire parts of me I didn’t even know of/ So last night I watched you sleeping and came to this conclusion. I love you/ I love loving you/ I love knowing that I am in love with you/ I love how much I am going to love you/ Forever, I LOVE YOU.

Genius or crazy?

So a thought occurred to me in the early hours of the morning while I was busy researching one of my ‘radical’ ideas. Where does one draw the line between genius and crazy? How many people in history have had so called crazy ideas that later on were hailed as utter brilliance. I mean Thomas Edison must have been viewed as crazy until he actually pulled off the light bulb. The Wright brothers with their ‘flying machine’? History is littered with these people who went above and beyond conventional thinking only to leave the planet a better place. Yet we still live in times where radical thinking is stifled by those who can’t fathom the reasoning of a revolutionary individual. The other problem is, if the ideas never come to be realized they will forever seem like the rantings and attempts of a crazy person right?

I think fear of the unknown is what keeps the cycle perpetuated. Fear is so powerful it breaks apart even the wisest people. It’s very hard to remain steadfast when you are swimming against the current. Even radical thinkers need help, everyone does. I often wonder how much further I would be if I had more support than resistance. People like me don’t want to destroy anyone’s beliefs, we just merely want to improve, enlighten and be remembered throughout the canals of history. But as long as I am generally viewed as a rebel, I will continue to ask myself if i am a genius or crazy?