About G-C

G-C is a passionate musician, poet, writer, director, editor, performer and innovator from Mafikeng (North West). G-C started off as a battle MC in his high school days and performed in street ciphers around Mafikeng before moving to Johannesburg in 2006. He has 6 mixtapes under his belt titled; Metamorphosis (2004), Mass Hysteria (2005) and Lyromaniac (2011), The Warning EP(2013), The Written Warning (2013), and Reanimated (2014). He was featured on the smash hit single Leloko La lekoko with HHP Pro Verb and Mo Molemi. In 2008 G-C made it to the top 10 finalists of the Sprite Emcee Africa competition. Since then he has done voice over work and promos for DSTV and Vuzu, acted in advertisements and done small production work. G-C is a deep lyricist who writes in a witty yet simplistic manner that works to evoke the listeners imagination.He is also the inventor of the word, ‘Lyromania’. He is currently working on his first full length album as an independent artist. He is also working on a small T Shirt label called Crown Wear witch he started in 2008. This individual is a multi-faceted thinker and hard worker dedicated to the media and arts industry. A true creative.

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