Rafael Casal – First week of a break Up (Poem)

The first time I heard this poem I was flawed and still am. I am proud to share another Def Poetry Jam piece with you from a great writer. Enjoy.

There is nothing worse than the first week of a break-up.
First week of a break-up is like the first time guys have sex.
Its awkward, and boring and we keep telling each other
we’re doing it right, and its a lie.

First week of a break-up, you’re on my mind more than you ever were.
So I clean, everything in my apartment!
Clean my way into forgetting, but then I find things
that I couldn’t when were together.
Your shirt, your favorite CD. Reasons that I liked you.
Until my room reeks of your influence.

See I keep wanting to invite you over, but,
love can’t live here anymore.
She might bring her children, Jealousy & Neglect.
Those two running around my crib always breaking shit,
and I can’t ever seem to clean up fast enough.

They tend to ruin romantic moments with questions & lies.
And I can see their children when I look into their eyes,
its you and I.
Not sure when we had them, but now they live in the next room.
Always barging in talking ’bout “they having nightmares”, and
“can they sleep with us too”.

Jealousy dreams about deceiving, so thats what we do.
Live out each others nightmares until we’re bed full of problems
and solving is not an option cause solutions are few.
Neglect kicks me in bed talking ’bout, I dont love her like new.
And Jealousy, I know I must’ve told her that but,
but both of them still look so much like you.

And I thought I’d be cool.
But I still see you on corners, and in stores and in windows I’m passing.
And conversations and phrases and menus
And laughing and traffic and song after song that they play back.
I know time to lay back, these inferences are sending me way back.
I can’t take my day back.
Asap, was song unsung the song that yearns to be on my tongue.
Its called apology but I will not drop the key, this is not for me.
This is how its got to be.

They say, it takes twice as long to forget, as it was to get to know.
So now I’m sitting in my room talking ’bout 6 days down, and 6 more years to go.
This is for all the women in the room who think that men dont burn.
That when it comes to heartbreak it is never our turn.
It dont matter who or what is to blame.
Cause in the first week after a break up,
alone, always feels the same.

Where dreams go to die

Where do dreams go to die?
Because they are born in our minds, where they strive to survive
But why? They are not alive
Maybe they make us alive when they arrive
Maybe they help us to rise
Maybe they help us endure our demise
They arise from inside
Where our greatest fears reside
And they collide
To fuel our drive
So if they are denied
Or never given freedom do fly
They wilt and away and hide
Until they die
So ask I ask you one more time
Where oh where, do dreams go to die?

Lauryn Hill – Motives and thoughts (Poem)

Today I decided not to put up my own poetry but rather one of my favorite poems ever. The great Lauryn Hill once delivered this piece at Def Poetry Jam and I have never forgotten about it. So here it is with a video of the performance. I am sorry for the bad video quality, this is as good as I could find.Hope you like it.

Rotating bodies, confusion in sound
Negative imagery holdin us down
Social delusion, clearly constructed
Human condition, morals corrupted
Trapped in reaction, lawlessness, war
Dissatisfaction from bowels to core
Devil’s technology, strategy for
Human mythologies, urban folklore
Sick of psychology, counterfeit cure
Wicked theology robbin the poor
Scheme demonology mislead the pure
Strict and strategically studyin war
Light shone in darkness, image exposed
Few can see through the new emperor’s clothes
Lustful, this hustle turns humans to hoes
When the blind lead the blind just more trouble and woes
It’s the mind that they chose; it’s designed to stay closed
Standards of jokers, court jester logic
Sick lookin cosmic from schoolyard to college
Primitive man and his civilized knowledge
The system collapse and he still won’t acknowledge
God as the savior
Studies behavior
To try and to fix the mixed mind that he gave ya
Stiff-necked scholars on perscription meds
Wishin their problems was all in their heads
Moral dilemma, pride at the root
Misguided from youth, heart divided from truth
Egyptians and Grecians spiritually dead
Empirically led by the good gods in their heads
Motives and thoughts
Industrial wealth
Global economy, in it for self
Heart full of madness, covered with kind
Pleasure designed to take over your mind
Furnished in godliness, painted in good
This tainted priesthood’s got real saints misunderstood
While classes and government set up the veil
And cultivate minds for more mythical tales
Typical hollywood follies, good girl
While vice and corruption take over the world
Motives and thoughts
Check your motives and thoughts

Lie with the wickedness deep in your heart
Modern day wickedness is all you’ve been taught
Lie to your neighbours so you get ahead
Modern day trickery is all you’ve been fed
Motives and thoughts
Check your motives and thoughts

Defining Moment

She said – ‘Pull the trigger if you really love me/It’s just a game to take away the pain the pain so trust me’/’ No I can’t’, ‘Yes you can, you just have to pick it up. Spin the chamber, point it fast, close your eyes and click it once’/Then I asked her, ‘Why do I have to go first?’/Appeared as though I pierced her soul with those words/ I’ve given you everything you want from me/ Now all I ask is that you show your love to me/ This is the first and the only thing I ask of you/ But right now it’s something that you have to do/ The only way for me to see your gratitude’/’But if I die?’. ‘Then I swear I’ll die right after you’

So now I grab the gun because I’ve come too far to move/ I said I’d die for her I didn’t think she’d want the proof/Now my heart is racing, I can hardly breathe/ And my palms are sweaty, I just wanna leave/ and she’s starring at me, and she hardly blinks/ So I pull the trigger, and the shots released/And then time freezes, right after I pull it/ So many things went through my mind right before that bullet

See I tried to go free but I know I couldn’t/ she said she’d die right after me, but I know she wouldn’t/ And that’s why she smiled, when the shot goes bang/ See I realized, this is not a game/ How can I be mad, because I’m to blame/ You soul is the only way to pay the price of fame/ And once your toll is paid, here you shall remain/ Until you go insane, or you die from shame

Mentaly Incarcarated


I think I am trapped inside these choices that I am making
I feel like I am an emperor who’s obviously naked
See my thoughts a pretty vacant, my faults are very blatant
I’m trying to be calm but then I start to be impatient
Then I start with the pacing
Walking up and down these halls, ‘Doctor! Doctor! Could you try talking to this patient?’
These voices and these faces
Talking to my reflection like, ‘What’s wrong with you, how could you let us fall into this matrix?’
Tell me what’s the basis of all the decisions that you are making
At least show me you covered all your basis, and you learned your basics
You’re telling yourself that you create art, you’re comparing this nonsense to a painting
This is so amazing, you’re trying to be crazy, you’re vision hazy, I am sorry but you’re lazy
You need to get in line with every single type line and everybody knows your lying, and we are concerned about your safety