G-C Featuring AB Crazy – Hold On

When I made this song I didn’t really expect it to do very much. I just wanted to create something inspiring and heartfelt. It was more of a message to myself than anything else. I was surprised to see how people reacted to it and I am still humbled by the response. The production from AB Crazy and his vocal assistance was enough to inspire me to put it out. I asked a friend of mine Tlhonepho Thobejane to conceptualize a video for me and direct it. What came out was something different and real. I hope you guys like it.

The Question

The question is not whether to run into the storm
The question is not whether you’ll ever make it home
See the question is now will you get better on you own?
Or whether or not you can be measured on your goals
Cause only the strong survive, and get lost in your thoughts sometimes
So be sure when the storm arrives, you can make it to shore and you all survive. – G-C