G-C Featuring AB Crazy – Hold On

When I made this song I didn’t really expect it to do very much. I just wanted to create something inspiring and heartfelt. It was more of a message to myself than anything else. I was surprised to see how people reacted to it and I am still humbled by the response. The production from AB Crazy and his vocal assistance was enough to inspire me to put it out. I asked a friend of mine Tlhonepho Thobejane to conceptualize a video for me and direct it. What came out was something different and real. I hope you guys like it.

Creativity Unemcumbered

There is no greater joy for me than creating something new. People ask me what I do all the time and it’s a bit of a hard question. I write music, I write stories (I have a completed novella), I engineer my music, I own a clothing brand (that has not worked out so well yet), and I conceptualize and direct my own videos. I also have worked in different sales jobs to survive over the years. I like to think I am just a creative being. Above all I am a musician. But this is not about me, its about creatives in general. The soldiers of the imagination, the adults who still have a child like sense of wonder. The problem with being a creative is that sometimes people don’t get what the hell you are trying to do. I like to believe everyone is creative, we just don’t all share the same type of creative thinking. Lawyers need creative strategies to win hard cases, marketers need creative methods of selling and so on. I admire and respect people who challenge themselves to think differently.

The world doesn’t always accept creatives and sometimes shuns them for being what they consider different. Technically they are crazy people who function on a social level. Musicians, writers, directors and even business people are all creatives. Steve Jobs had to be a creative genius to produce a product that stands out in a sea of competition. It’s in all of us when we are kids, and when we grow up real life takes you from dream land and you’re forced to ‘grow up’ right? Who has time to write a dam novella when you have rent to pay and kids to feed? I see everyday people show so much creativity and don’t even know it. It breaks my heart when people over look the creative mind. Granted it’s unpredictable but it’s also exciting.

The hardest thing is maintaining that creativity. The older you get the more things change and some great ideas just become old, so you have to keep inspired and innovating. People who stay resilient for their art must be strong and focused on the greater good. Art unites people and takes them away from the mundane. Art inspires, motivates, tells the truth and feeds the soul. Art is life interpreted by one for the greater masses. A creative mind should be loved, cultivated and encouraged. Not feared and held back. Not everyone likes my work, but every time someone tells me they were touched my poetry or inspired by my music, it’s a high I can’t describe and it makes all the suffering for my art worth it because my ideas touched someone’s life. That is the gift of creativity


“To live is to suffer. To survive, that’s to find meaning in the suffering” – DMX

I been contemplating this quote DMX used at the beginning of his 1999 single slippin. I am pretty sure he got it from somewhere else but I am not inclined to go find out where. The point is I guess I never thought much of it until recently. After recent events I think I got it figured out. Basically life sucks balls, and you have to make it bearable by finding joy in all the crap it throws at you. I am such a poet. Anyway I guess it makes sense. Although there are those with heavier burdens than some. There is no single quote that can summaries life for everyone cause there are just too many problems in life to be marginalized by some dude who lived in the 1930s and had a drug problem. Life is what you make it depending on what you are able to get. Blah blah blah more stuff like that.

Forget the quotes, create your own definition of life.

The right to complain


I don’t want this to be a long entry with one point being regurgitated over and over. Basically, today is elections in my country (South Africa) and I am proud to say I voted. I did it for numerous reasons like fulfilling my duty as a South African, exercising my rights blah blah blah. There is however one major reason I voted. I voted for the right to complain. See I don’t think anything will change after these elections. I think politicians are all primarily the same. They are big talkers who don’t have to hold any of the promises they make. They are all corrupt and self serving. There are people in politics who mean well but they are too few to make difference the public can appreciate. In any case, I think it’s imperative for people to vote. Any government must know tat in a democratic society the people will use this opportunity to show them that the power they have is not absolute, it can be revoked.

Now I mentioned that I voted for the right to complain because I think when things go bad, as expected, you can complain knowing that you had a part to play in the current government. People sit there and bitch and moan about a lot of things only to find that they didn’t vote in the last elections. They sat back and watched someone else pick the leader of their country/community and want to complain about that choice? Nonsense. Some people believe not voting is a form of protest, more nonsense. We all need to vote, even if it’s to keep the current powers in power, that is your right to choose. But do not stand on the sideline and want to voice an opinion at a later stage when youy didn’t have the balls to do the right thing.

The Question

The question is not whether to run into the storm
The question is not whether you’ll ever make it home
See the question is now will you get better on you own?
Or whether or not you can be measured on your goals
Cause only the strong survive, and get lost in your thoughts sometimes
So be sure when the storm arrives, you can make it to shore and you all survive. – G-C