G-C Featuring AB Crazy – Hold On

When I made this song I didn’t really expect it to do very much. I just wanted to create something inspiring and heartfelt. It was more of a message to myself than anything else. I was surprised to see how people reacted to it and I am still humbled by the response. The production from AB Crazy and his vocal assistance was enough to inspire me to put it out. I asked a friend of mine Tlhonepho Thobejane to conceptualize a video for me and direct it. What came out was something different and real. I hope you guys like it.

The Oppi Koppi 2014 Odyssey Experience


Wow, I am still in a state of complete and utter shock. I am also floating somewhere between fatigue and alcohol poisoning. Anyway,let’s get down to it! So I went to Oppo Koppi this weekend (FYI: Oppi Koppi is a 3 day music festival held in Northam, Limpopo Province, South Africa every year). I have always heard about it but never had the chance to go, well this year I did. It’s 3 whole days of camping, dancing, drinking and all kinds of debauchery you can get up to out in the wilderness. I was not ready! From my arrival I knew it was going to be interesting. The main part of Oppi Koppi consists of stalls for food, drinks, clothes, chill areas, and 6 music stages.

Now at this point I find it necessary to point out the fact that I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I should have. So the experience I had is something hard to describe, but I will repeat that I wasn’t ready. There is always music playing somewhere, and always someone new to meet. I met a lot of different, crazy and interesting characters. I roamed every corner I could of that place and discovered a new adventure every time. The people are just in a happy spirit and Oppi being a predominantly white event, I must say I felt welcome as a black guy in that environment. The music was my favorite part, I partied like a fucking rock star the whole time and discovered talent I previously didn’t know about. I spent a lot of my down time at the Mtv tent meeting people and drinking absolutely non stop. I won’t lie though, that place was like one giant obstacle course. But in conclusion it was wonderful, an experience I am so happy to have gone through, I will never be the same after that. To my fellow black South Africans who want to experience this country in a different way, you have to go when you get the opportunity. Whether or not I will go back again next year? I will let fate decide. Now let me end this with a phrase I picked up at Oppi; IN DUST WE TRUST!!!!!

Sci-Bono Discovery Centre

I was recently very fortunate to go to the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre in Newtown, Johannesburg. This place is really special. It’s a centre dedicated to science and games for children. There are tons of things to keep kids busy for an entire day. It’s constructed like a labrynth with something to indulge in around every corner. Newtown itself is a beautiful place just oozing with culture and interesting places to discover for the wondering adult. I wasn’t even aware there was even a place like this in that area. I have nieces and nephews and I cant wait to take them there one day so they can exercise their minds and imaginations. I almost forgot to mention it’s also a popular birthday party venue.

Don’t forget about me


Don’t you forget about me
Remember when you said you couldn’t live without me?
I promised that I would never ever let you doubt me
My thoughts were wrong, and I never should have said them loudly
But I did and now you don’t give a shit about me
I keep thinking I can fix it but forget it I’ll leave
I can feel the tension when you sit round me
But I need your attention can I get it now please?

The Plight of the Indie artist (Part two)

And were back here again. If you read the first part of this series, I talked about the recording process and what it takes to get a good song done as an indie artist. In this article I will delve a little into music videos. I have had so many people look at me and go, ‘Why don’t you just shoot a music video and get it on TV?’. Wow, why didn’t I think of that? Don’t ever ask an indie artist an obvious question. Shooting a music video is a hustle and a half. The costs alone are always more than what any single individual, of normal means, can afford. A lot of things go into shooting a decent music video. Logistics alone are a nightmare, for example: Concept, location, equipment, crew and the list goes on. All these things require money and expertise. More than the average artist can afford.

Ever watch a music video so bad it made you wonder why they even bothered shooting it? Well that’s cause that’s all the artist could afford and a bad video is better than no video. The general misconception comes from people thinking shooting a video is easy. Well in South African Rands a top notch video goes from about R25000.00 (About $2500.00) to R80 000.00 ($8000.00) and even more depending on the magnitude of the video. But basically that will get you undeniable TV quality. Now an acceptable video in this country will run you about R15 000.00. Which is no small change to most people. And none of this guarantees that your video will be play listed or given high rotation mind you. It could all just be a waste if you are not a major artist.

Now we come to my fellow indie artists. Most people try to get away with favors and cutting corners and want to spend around R5000.00 to R10 000.00 max on a video. That’s where things go wrong, unfortunately, unless you know someone that can perform miracles with very little, which is rare, then you will get exactly what you pay for. The video will most likely not be up to scratch and won’t even make it on prime time TV. Luckily these days we can shoot YouTube videos. Videos that are not good enough to stand on TV but give an artist content to put online. These days cheap videos can go viral just from creativity and not quality. So there is is hope yet. I urge indie artists to keep the videos they shoot simple and concise, Katy Perry has a gigantic budget so we can’t even try to work on that level. And to people that tell artists, ‘Just shoot a video’, think twice before you speak.

Here is one of my low budget videos. Luckily for me it made it on Tv but didn’t make a huge impact cause it was amongst better videos. I am still very proud of it though.

The third and final part of this topic will come soon.